Invisible Grill

Invisible Grill

Invisible Grill is an advanced grill system that provides security for your family, especially children, and it doesn’t spoil the view.

  • It protects your children from falling over high places.
  • Prevent children from reaching out of the balcony or window.
  • Prevent objects falling off from the balcony or window.
  • Will not effect the scenery view of your balcony or window.
  • Prevent burglar from breaking in.
  • Highly recommended for high rise building.

As we are advancing into a new era with higher demand from the end-user, We are proud to present Invisible Grills which offers end users better visibility as compared to traditional grills without compromising safety concerns. This is a new solution to end user who is looking for window and balcony protection with a safe environment for your loved ones while enjoying Panoramic views. More than just a means of ventilation, windows are also a great way to let nature into the house for landed property and apartment dwellers. And with the right window treatment, a view of the lush greenery or scenic waterfront can be made more spectacular while still being able to provide safety.

As a plus point, it provides a safe environment for your loved ones while enjoying see-through panoramic views. With anything else, the facade and design of most homes are greatly compromised. Being invisible, looking into this new grill means you are now able to enjoy the outside view in a totally non-obscured manner. This couldn’t have happened if you still have aluminium or iron bars appearing right in front of you. What’s more, the view would also appear extra bright. Consequently, people from outside can hardly notice these wire lines and the formed impression would be one that is neat and spacious. As a matter of fact, most rooms fitted withInvisibleGrills appear tidy, Spacious and stylish.

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